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If you want to make money online, you should learn how to start a blog. While there are many, different ways to earn money online, blogging has proven to a more reliable and sustainable way to earn a solid income.

how to start a blog

It’s easy to create a blog on your own with WordPress and start earning full-time passive income.

Blogging can help you to live the life of your dreams and make thousands of dollars monthly.

Achieve your financial goals. Be your own boss and spend more time with your friends and family. You don’t need to be a genius, have any special computer skills, or degrees to become a blogger.

The bar of entry is wide open. Anyone can start a blog and make money. You just have to be willing to put in the time, effort and hard work to succeed. 

The great thing about blogging is it’s cheap to start.

You can start your business for only a few dollars per month on Siteground. You will receive a discount price when you purchase through my link.

Click here to start a blog on WordPress, then just follow the tutorial below to set up your blog.

 Why Create a Blog

type writer

 Blogging is a great business model. Imagine being able to make money while you sleep.

  • Owning a blog can help you to grow your business.
  •  Build authority online and attract an audience.
  •  It doesn’t matter the type of business you are trying to build, you need a blog.
  • It will put you ahead of your competitors.
  •  If you are trying to sell a product or offer a service a blog will help your business thrive.
  • Blogging increases your leads and brings your business more customers.

When you perform service for money online your income is limited. If you don’t work, you won’t get pay.

With Blogging, you can write one blog post that has the potential to make you recurring income for years. 

Money can improve your quality of life.  Now, money can’t make you happy but it can help to make your life easier and less stressful.

Gaining financial security is enough to make you want to start a blog.

How do Bloggers Make Money?

Bloggers make money in many different ways. They may use one or more of the monetization methods listed below.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Use of display Ads
  • Sell courses, ebooks or training
  • Sponsored Content
  • Provide services – coaching, writing, mentoring…etc

The easiest way for a new blogger to make money is by doing affiliate marketing. Some bloggers suggest display Ads for beginners. But I hate ads so I’m not recommending it.

Display ads just mess up the whole user experience for me and ads can make your site run slow.

When your site has grown a bit you can start selling courses or ebooks. Another great way to make money is to add a store to your blog and sell digital products.

You could sell printable, workbooks, cheat sheets, photographs, recipes, logos, designs, wallpapers, icons,

 Make money by offering a service. Maybe you have a unique talent or just want to share your expertise. Offering consultations services on your blog is also another great way to make more money with a blog.

Choose A Blogging platform.

There are many blogging platforms on the market to choose from, if you are not careful you will get lost in the noise of the market.

The platform that has been proven to be great for business and earning money is is a free content managing system that is very popular for blogging. You will need to pay for hosting in order to use WordPress to create your blog. It’s very tempting when you are beginning a blog to start on a free blogging platform. Don’t do it.

You will just be wasting your time. A free blogging platform like or is not good for your business.

You don’t own your blog or have complete control over it. Most bloggers use to run their businesses. is SEO friendly and it’s easy to customize with themes and plugins.

You own your blog when you use, you will be able to add affiliate links, sales pages and advertisement to it.

You can do whatever you like on your website.

How To Start A WordPress Blog On Siteground.


1) Choose A Niche

What do you want to blog about? The three most popular niches are Health, Wealth and Relationships. Don’t Ignore them. Choosing the right niche (topic) is very crucial to your success. I know there is information on the web claiming you can blog in any niche you want and make money.

That’s not true. Aim for niches with already paying customers.

What are you most passionate about? which topics you just can’t stop thinking about and talking about? Get a sheet of paper and a pen. Make a list of the topics you enjoy discussing, or the topics you would like to learn more about.

Now a word of caution passion does not necessarily equal profit. Research your niche. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Work with what is already proven to work.

I am aware that a few bloggers may be making money in some very unpopular niches. But my best advice for a sure dollar is to choose a niche that already has a proven track record of paying customers.

Popular blogging niches where bloggers are making between $1000-$100,000/month. Here are a few suggestions.


  • Personal finance, Frugal Living, Make money online, Blogging
  • Budgeting, Loans, Trading, Credit, Investment, Retirement, Debts.


  • Weight loss, Diet&Nutrition, Keto diet, Yoga, High blood pressure
  • Women’s health, Men’s health, meal planning, Diabetes cancer, natural remedies, Acne, erectile dysfunction, leaky gut…. etc


  •  Marriage, Dating, Divorce, Single..etc

Other Great Niches

  • Fashion
  •  Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Survival
  • Mommy Blogs/ Make money
  • Parenting.
  • Interior Decor
  • Personal Development- Public Speaking, Motivation, Self-love
  • Food/ Recipes…etc

When you have decided on your niche find similar blogs in the niche. Check out their content.

If you feel you can add to the conversation go ahead and choose a Siteground Plan.

2) Choose a Siteground plan

siteground plan

Siteground has three plans. Start-Up, Grow Big and Go, Geek.

  • The StartUp plan is perfect for you if you only want one website that is starting now.
  • The GrowBig plan is a great value for money offer, including the option for multiple websites and the SuperCacher that greatly improves a WordPress website speed.
  • The GoGeek plan is perfect for you if you plan to start an e-commerce blog and larger sites, or more geeky development needs like staging and GIT integration.

I suggest you get the Grow Big plan it is great for bloggers, It is affordable at only $5.95/month. The startup plan does not have the super cacher that makes your website 4x faster.

And you are definitely going to need the super cacher when your website starts getting traffic. The last thing you want is to have a blog that loads slow. A slow-loading blog ruins user experience lowers your traffic and causes loss of money.

Because creating blogs is so addicting the Grow big plan will also allow you to create multiple blogs without paying again.

Why Choose Siteground?

If you are looking for a fast reliable hosting company for your blog Siteground  is the answer. Siteground is a great web hosting company. I run all my blogs on Siteground.

I have been with them for four years and I have no problem with their services. Start your blog with siteground for as low as $3.95/month using my link.

Here are some of the awesome benefits of Siteground.

  • Great Customer Service– Their customer service is impeccable. They respond quickly via chats. You are most definitely going to need support when you don’t know what you are doing. You don’t have to be tech-savvy with Siteground
  • Faster speed and 99.99% Uptime – A slow website creates a bad user experience. You also lose money if your website is not loading fast enough. Visitors will just leave.
  • Siteground uses a super cacher – Super cacher increases the number of hits a site can handle and drastically boost loading time. It achieves 4x faster-loading speed and up to 100 times more hits with minimum server impact.
  • Daily Back-Ups– You can create a backup of your site quite easily using siteground Cpanel.
  •  30 Day Money Back Guarantee – Siteground is so confident that they offer the best service possible. They are willing to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2)Choose Your Domain Name

siteground domain

You can choose a new domain or sign up with an existing domain. Siteground also offers free website transfer for Grow Big or Go Geek Plans

Try to choose a domain to reflect what your blog is about. I know this is not always easy to do since most of the best blog names are taken. Make your domain name as short and memorable as you can. Try to avoid numbers and hyphens in your blog name.

Get a sheet of paper and write down as many words as you can pertaining to your niche. Mix and match words to decide on your blog name.


Online, money, jobs, hustle, learn, earn, cash, tips, tricks, pay, make, income, cents, dollars, dough, benjamins,..etc

Pair words to make a blog name such as:


3) Provide Your Account Info

Fill out your account and client information. Make sure you select the 12 month period to get your discount.

Continue to fill out your purchase information.

That’s it, your done. The tech team at Siteground automatically set up your WordPress blog for you. 

Customize your site the way you want it to look and start writing your first blog post.

4) Setting up an External Domain

If you already have a domain name, registered elsewhere, maybe from GoDaddy or 1 and you can use it with your Siteground hosting plan.

When you select your Siteground plan select I already have a domain.

Enter your domain name and pay for hosting. Siteground will automatically set up your blog with your existing domain name.

Then, you need to point the existing domain to your SiteGround hosting server.

You have to change your domain’s nameservers (NS) to the proper values from the control panel of your domain registrar (the organization that manages the registration of your domain name).

You can find the correct SiteGround nameserver records in your User AreaMy AccountsInformation & Settings Account DNS:

If you registered a domain name with GoDaddy Click here for more information.

1.      Log into your GoDaddy account, go to the Account Manager

2.      Select manage domains from the domain names drop-down menu.

3.      Select the domain name you want to modify, then click set name servers

4.      Copy the account DNS from Siteground and paste into the space provided on Go Daddy.

5) Choose a Theme

Divi banner

You can start your WordPress blog with a free theme. But it may not look the way you want it to.

Free WordPress themes have limited customization options. Usually, you have to pay for an upgrade of the theme you are using.

I recommend the Divi theme and Divi builder from Elegant theme. I used the Divi theme to create hustling ideas.

The Divi theme is beginner-friendly and you can use the Divi builder to Design the blog of your dreams.

There are over 110 pre-made Divi layouts that you can choose from to design your blog.

You are bound to find a Divi layout to suit your taste. You will also get access to the Bloom email optin plugin and the Monarch social media plugin.

Feel free to contact me if you run into trouble setting up your blog I would be happy to help you. Just contact me using the contact form.

Do you plan to start your own blog?

Let me know how things are coming along.


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