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Almost everyone owns a cell phone in the 21st century.

We have calls to make, text messages to send, WhatsApp meeting to attend, and emails to answer.

  But did you know you can also use your cell phone to earn cash?

Use your spare time to make cash rather than just browsing idly on your phone.

You’re not going to get rich with these apps, but they sure can put some extra money in your pocket.

If you are interested in making money with your phone. Here are 13 money-making apps you can try.


The 13 Best MoneyMaking apps

 Swagbucks- $10 sign up bonus

Swagbucks is one of the most popular reward apps. They reward their members with free gift cards and cash for the everyday thing you already do online. You can earn points when you shop online, Watch entertaining videos, Search the web, and answer surveys.

 Redeem your Swagbucks points for a free gift card that you can use at your favorite retailers like Amazon and Walmart. You can also redeem your Swagbucks points to get cash sent to your Paypal account.


My Points – $10 sign up bonus

My Points is a reward app that helps you to earn points on every dollar you spend.

Install my points app and make purchases at your favorite retail stores.

Points will be added to your account when your order is reported.

You can then redeem these points for free gift cards or cash delivered straight to your PayPal account.

When new my points members  spend $20 or more (excluding taxes and shipping) on any shop merchant through my Points site,

 or my Points email in your first 30 days of membership.

You’ll get 1750 my points credit added to your account. Redeemable for a $10 gift card of your choice



Acorns is an investment app that helps you grow your money.

Acorns automatically invest your spare change and let you invest as little as $5 at any time.  or on a recurring basis into a portfolio of Exchange Traded Funds ( ETFs).

 Your investments are then diversified across more than 7,000 stocks and bonds, and Acorns automatically rebalancing your portfolio to stay in its target allocation.


Task Rabbit

TaskRabbit is a task-based service. It connects users, called Taskers, to paying gigs. 

The Taskers are paid an hourly rate or on a per-task basis.

When you use this platform to find work you’re also required to pay a service fee. You can also make more money when you receive tips. Taskers usually set their own prices.



Ibotta helps you earn cashback on your purchases with receipt submission. Get a $20 Welcome Bonus just for using the app!

Use pay with Ibotta to earn cash back at more places instantly.y directly from the Ibotta app and get instant cashback on your entire purchase at more than 50 national retailers. It’s quick, easy, and secure.

Pay directly from the Ibotta app and get instant cashback on your entire purchase at more than  50 national retailers.

Get cashback when you purchase groceries, clothing and pet supplies —. When you shop with Ibotta, you’ll earn cashback whenever you shop, both online and in-store.  You can also earn an extra $5 for each person you refer to Ibotta.



Inbox Dollar- $5 signup Bonus

Make money with InboxDollars by watching videos, refer friends, play games, use the built-in search engines, take surveys, and download apps.

The two best ways to earn on InboxDollars are to refer inbox dollars to friends and play games. The games are really good. So, instead of playing games on the Play Store you can play them on Inbox Dollars and earn points.

If you use the app on a consistent basis you’ll be able to make a couple hundred each month.


Pinecone Research

Companies are seeking your input to develop and improve their products. Make money with Pinecone Research by completing online surveys and giving your opinions on products.

Each survey pays $3.

You’ll earn points for every completed survey. Redeem your points for cash or prizes.  You can redeem your points as soon as you reach a redemption level.



Rakuten is a cashback app. Get up to 40% cashback at over 2500 stores. Stores pay Rakuten a commission for sending you their way, and Rakuten shares the commission with you as cashback.

Just download the Rakuten app and shop through Rakuten at your favorite stores. Cashback will be added to your account when your order is reported to Rakuten. Every quarter Rakuten will send you cash back checks via Paypal.



Dosh is another great cashback app. Download the app and link your credit or debit cards. Whenever you shop and pay with your linked cards, Dosh gets you cashback.

You can also earn an extra $5 for each friend you refer to signs up. When your friend signs up and connects his/her credit or debit card, and makes an in-store or online purchase at a Dosh merchant you get your $5.Transfer your cash to your bank account, Paypal, or donate to charity from the app.



Manufacturing companies want to know how consumers think. They want to know why people make the choices they do.

When they purchase products, goods, and services. Nielsen is a market research company that provides its clients with valuable insight into consumer behavior. Nielsen measures across all channels and platforms—from podcasts to streaming TV to social media. 

And when companies and advertisers are armed with the truth, they have a deeper understanding of their audiences and can accelerate growth. You are paid $50 for downloading the app. The Nielsen app tracks your day to day internet usage activity.


Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is a free mobile app that turns your everyday shopping receipts into easy cash rewards! The more receipts you snap, the more rewards you’ll earn! 

For every qualifying receipt, you snap a picture of and submit, you’ll earn coins or spins depending on the retailer on your receipts, and a sweepstakes entry for their monthly drawing. The monthly sweepstakes drawing could earn you up to 5,000 coins! 

Coins equal to cash and Spin equal fun! Each time you spin the Hog Slots, you have a chance at even more coins and 1 lucky winner each day will win the value of their last shopping trip in coins. Once you’ve collected enough coins, you can redeem them for  PayPal credit, an Amazon e-gift card, or a magazine subscription!



Bookscouter helps you sell textbooks and used books for the most money by comparing offers from over 30 book buyback vendors with a single search. Install the Bookscouter app to your phone to quickly view vendors, vendor ratings, and buyback prices at any time from the convenience of your smartphone for free!

You can also buy textbooks for the lowest price from more than 20 sellers. Just search the BUY section of Bookscouter



Sell your old stuff on Declutter for cash.

Decluttr is the fast, easy, and totally free way to sell cell phones, tech, CDs, DVDs, games, and books. Simply get an instant valuation, ship for FREE, and get paid! Download the app and scan the barcode of the item. The app will tell you how much you can get for your item.


Air BnB

Air Bnb is an online marketplace that connects people who want to rent out their homes with people who are looking for accommodations in their area.  

For hosts, participating in Airbnb is a way to earn some income from their property, but with the risk that the guest might do damage to it. Here’s how the Airbnb app works:

Create a listing by filling out a description, taking and uploading photos, and setting a price. 

Your listing helps guests get a sense of what your place is like.

Then, you set the availability and house rules for your listing. Once your listing is live, guests can book their stay at your home, and you start earning money.

To up the “trust” factor for both the host and the guests, Airbnb does require some verification information, including phone numbers. After a visit, everyone gets the chance to write a review.

Reviews keep guests accountable for treating hosts and their homes with respect and help ensure hosts make their space as welcoming as possible.


Survey Junkie

Another great moneymaking app is survey junkie.

Survey Junkie pays you for your opinions. 

Download the app on your phone and complete your profile. Each completed survey is worth a certain number of points. One hundred points are worth a dollar. 

When you earn a minimum of $10 (1000 points) you can cash out.

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These money making apps won’t make you a full-time income. But they are useful for earning a couple of hundred dollars each month to help with your groceries or utility bills.

Which other money-making app have you tried?

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